Magic the Gathering Starter Kit 2023

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The Magic: the Gathering Starter Kit 2023 is a ready-to-use set of Magic: the Gathering decks to quickly teach new players how to play Magic!

The Magic Starter Kit is a wonderful product to get acquainted with Magic: the Gathering, the world's most played trading card game! This kit includes two decks that are perfectly tuned for the beginner player. Go into battle with 'Day of the Dragon', a blue-red deck or with 'Backup Beatdown', a green-white deck. The included manual guides you through your first game or go online with Magic: the Gathering Arena to master the game through the tutorial. The decks are also Standard Legal and you get two MTG Arena codes to unlock both decks for two players online.

This set contains:
- 2 ready-to-play standard legal 60- cards decks.
- 2 foil cards.
- No less than 4 mythic rares and 14 rares divided over the two decks.
- 2 cardboard deck boxes.
- Rule booklet from Magic: the Gathering.
- 2 MTG Arena code cards.

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